Who are these people?

"One of the most interesting pairings in history" 
Tone Deaf Magazine
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concert photography by Steve Braithwaite

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Pulse-Alternative Magazine

"Opening salvo ‘Chasing Down The Demons’ reminds me a little of early Marillion and explodes with a bright effervescence. Like a rainbow signalling the end of a storm it’s a track that bursts into life with a myriad of guitar solos sprouting from all directions. ‘Halo’ follows and takes a different route with some cool harmonies underpinned by swirling synths. Plenty of nifty time changes keep the listener on their toes ensuring the song succinctly shape shifts as snake like guitar solos slither surreptitiously throughout...."

Prog Critique

"Avec une ample palette d’influences The Pearson Memmott Conspiracy trace un chemin tortueux où il est difficile de se repérer. « Chasing Down The Demons » ouvre l’album d’une manière parfaite sur un synthé enjôleur dans une veine typiquement prog rock léger, style Alan Parson, mais avec un je ne sais quoi de groove qui vient pimenter la composition....."

Now Then Magazine

"The album's key themes are dominated by changes of key and rhythm throughout the songs. This is perfectly encapsulated during the song 'Welcome To One-Six-Oh', as the first half of this eight minute track differs greatly to the second. Starting off steady with a strong keyboard focus, there's an abrupt pause midway through the track which leads into a rumbling arena rock riff which wouldn't sound out of place on a Queen record...."


Ian "Pod" Pearson

Todd Pearson: guitars, bass, voice, keyboards, drum programming

Like Rich, Pod has been known around the South Yorkshire music scene for many years, playing guitars in bands such as The Night Shift, The Change, Psi Phi, the Prog Doctors and many more; also known to many as the bass, voice and synthesiser of leading UK Rush tribute band Bravado.

Established in 1961, he has written and recorded original music since the age of 12.

Richard "Richard" Memmott

Prichard Memmott III: bass, guitars, voice, keyboards, banjo, mandolin

Torn between his two lovers: prog and funk, who must never meet, Richard has played with some of the finest in the north, in bands like Double Life and Zirk Dextron, for whom he wrote most of the songs, both of which featured top players like Dave Clayton (currently with Simply Red), Danny Cummings, of Mark Knopfler’s band, and many others.
Sadly, Richard’s funk was too soon, his prog too late.
But he soldiers on.