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A Rummage in the toolbox

New Geeks, start here...

Richard "Rikki" Memmott

Fender US Precision bass 1999
Musicman Stingray bass 1977

Shuker Artist fretless bass

Shuker P/J bass

GB Spitfire bass
MIJ  Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass

Gibson J45 acoustic

Taylor 814CE acoustic

Lowden F32

Squier Strat guitar (Japanese)

Yamaha EX5, Nord Wave, Korg Kronos 2, Nord Stage 3
TecAmp amplification
Various effects, mostly Boss, or Tech 21

Shuker Artist fretless bass

Ian "Pod" Pearson

1991 PRS CE24 Mapletop, Grey Black with Bare Knuckle Mule pickups and Graphtec Ghost piezo saddles
1999 PRS Hollowbody I Teal Black with Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday pickups
2004 Hamer Duotone Custom with Bare Knuckle Mule pickups
2005 Hamer Standard Custom with Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday pickups
2010 Gibson Les Paul Tribute 50s 1952/53 conversion with Bare Knuckle Blue Note pickups
2020 Tokai Firebird 12 string conversion

1997 Taylor 812C acoustic
2015 Taylor 356 12 string acoustic

2015 Huss & Dalton  DS12 acoustic

Boss SY300 guitar synth, Rothwell Tornado overdrives and various other devices

Clavia Nord Lead 2x, Moog One, Minitaur and Taurus synthesisers

PRS CE24 Mapletop

Dean Cousins

Some drums, large and small,

and cymbals of various styles,

plus one - and only one -


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